Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Govs & Mayors - Paris

Great news!

Despite Trump’s withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, the governors of 10 states (CA, MN, CT, HI, MA, NY, OR, RI, VA, and WA) have announced that they will continue to adhere to the Paris standards, thereby circumventing Trump’s terrible decision and ensuring that their states, at least, remain in the Paris Agreement.  Governor Jerry Brown even plans to meet with world leaders directly to collaborate on California’s participation:
Additionally, mayors of 187 (and counting!) cities have also announced their intentions to stay in the agreement.

The prepared tweets below will ask the remaining 6 Democratic governors to join Jerry Brown, and will also ask the mayors of the five most populous remaining U.S. cities to join the 187 mayors who have.

Tweet: .@IndyMayorJoe will you join the 187 #ClimateMayors who are honoring the Paris Agreement? #ClimateReality

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  1. Tweet: bharless (Brandi Harless), mayor Paducah, KY